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With potato, we follow a 200-year-old tradition of making vodka not just from grain but from potatoes. Potato vodka differs from vodka made of cereals by its mild character and its light sweetness. Special Hermes potatoes, which have a high starch content, are the basis for KARTOFF vodka, gin and hazelnut vodka.


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Imagebild Kartoff Premium Vodka

KARTOFF PHANTOM Exclusive Edition

KARTOFF Vodka was stored in a barrel of the most famous red wine in Austria “DAS PHANTOM”. Its fine taste has thus flavored with the delicate drops of the noble red wine cuvée. A berry touch of wine and a pinch of vanilla have created a tasty, balanced product. Two outstanding producers came together to create a new experience. This is the first time in History to create a Vodka with a special taste of red wine. Kartoff Vodka was aged in Red wine barrel from one of the most famous red wines in Austria, which is called “DAS PHANTOM”. His smooth taste is now refined with unique aroma of the red wine cuvee. Together with berry flavors and an understated tone of vanilla it became a balanced product which is worldwide unique.

Imagebild Kartoff Premium Vodka


This vodka unfolds through its years of oak wood storage, a wide range of impressive tastes. Its soft touch merges with a pronounced woody taste. He gets his sensual nuance by a subtle vanilla tone and a slight sweetness. Kartoff Oak is a one of kind experience for Vodka and Whiskey lovers. The Vodka was aged for over 10 years in an oak barrel. During the aging process, Kartoff Oak developed a very broad pallet of impressive flavors. The smooth taste of the Vodka coalesces with the developed wooden flavors. As a result, you will taste an understated vanilla flavor, a little bit of sweetness, rounded up by the barrel flavors and ends with a clean finish, which gives a unique tasting experience.

Imagebild Kartoff Premium Vodka


Serve perfect Kartoff cocktails with this glass. But also enjoyed pure Kartoff Vodka unfolds its special aroma and structure best in this open thin-walled glass.

Imagebild Kartoff Premium Vodka


Enjoy instead of Moscow-Mule - KARTOFF MULE in the right cup of copper! Funny and attractive!

Imagebild Kartoff Premium Vodka


The potatoes are selected and brought to the distillery, where they are crushed, yeast and water is added. The fermented mash is put through a multi-stage distillation of colon and is distilled for several times. Only the heart of the distillation is used for the best quality of potato vodka, then special ingredients according to the distiller’s closely guarded traditional recipe are added. Available in 0,7 l bottle, 0,2 l smallbottle or 35 x 0,02l mini-bottles

Imagebild Kartoff Premium Vodka

KARTOFF Hazelnut Vodka

deliciously smooth hazelnut flavor Vodka. The unique recipe was developed from our specialists and now the passion for Kartoff Hazelnut Vodka is sweeping the country. Intensive, nutty, unique taste and smell! To be part of the revolution just drink it, use it in dessert recipes or in coffee. Our KARTOFF Hazelnut Vodka drinks lightly and, as expected, its finish is sweet and mild. Also with the KARTOFF Hazelnut Vodka we use only natural raw materials. Available in 0,7 l bottle, 0,2 l smallbottle or  35 x 0,02l mini-bottles

Imagebild Kartoff Premium Vodka


Gin distillated from potatoes – unique in character and density. By the multiple distillation of particularly selected potatoes. KARTOFF Gin is given an additional slight sweetness and finesse. As a result, KARTOFF GIN is significantly differentiated from grain-gin and unfolds its unique matrix, both pure and in cocktails. KARTOFF Gin does not require any special ingredients but is made from the traditional ingredients of London Dry Gin – juniper berries, orange peel, lemon peel, coriander, aniseed, fennel and ginger. Due to the repeated, particularly slow distillation in several distillation columns, our KARTOFF Gin receives its fine, unique aroma. This distillation is particularly complicated and the yield of distillate comparatively low. Available in 0,7 l bottle, 0,2 l smallbottle or 35 x 0,02l mini-bottles